1987 : Start up in HK  
  Company founded in Hong Kong by the present Managing Director Mr. Raymond Leung, engaged in the designs and fabrication of machines, toolings and molds, for the precision metal parts manufacturing industries.

1989 : Make hinges
Move to China, employed local workers, engineers and technicians under the leadership of a HK staff team, self built a production line to produce hinges and rimlocks to supply the eyewear industry.

1994: Make metal frames.
Factory expanded to 200 enployees, developed complete production lines to prduce metal frames  in house.

1997:Make titan and plastic frame
Factory expanded threefold , developed a complete production line to prduce  titanium  frames, bought a Plastic frame line to produce acetate frames.
One hole rimless
Disc Hinge
Disc Spring Hinge
Boomerang Hinge
Roller Hinge
Ball Hinge
Drum hinge
Ring hinge
Sheet metal Hinge
Clip rimlock
  If you don't want to take our existing models, YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN COLLECTION:


  You choose from our thousands of existing models those features you
like, then mix and match them to form your collections.

    You choose one or many of our special structures as the main theme, you design your own features: bridge, temples, colors , etc as your brand statements. Try us with your craziest ideas, our engineers can't wait to meet challenges. 
    if you don't have the professional designer's skill, just tell us your ideas by hand sketch, magazine cut out, Pantone colors, or whatever method that fit you, our design team will do the drawings and send for
your comments, then modify again until finalization. 

Metal frame
Metal Sunglasses
Acetate frame
Acetate Sunglasses
Reading Glasses
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A)  Normal  Frames : Categorized into: 
B) special structures frames: Each model has a patent special structure, such  as a special hinge,rimlock, lens mounting ..
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