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   1999 : Restructuring and growth

         Factory moved far away from other optical factories to maintain product self identity and secrecy, invested in machineries and
   talents to set up design and R&D departments . In one year's time , company resturctured from a frames manufacturer to a
   SEFL SUFFICIENT EYEWEAR ODM COMPANY, dedicated to design and produce preium eyewears with customized features

   2008-2011 : Building our own factory, keep growing
        The new company structure and business directions, plus the generous investment,  released our internal synergy, best utilized
    our decade long accumulated knowledge and experience in engineering and eyewear fields, resulting in our steady growth since
    1999. During the global financial crisis year 2008, we bought a land 27,000 squre metres in Guandong Province, to built our
    own EUROPEAN STYLE  FACTORY . By the year end of 2011, we already become
        A well established self suffieicnt eyewear ODM company, fully equiped with the  talents, knowledges, experience,
    and machineries to design and produce new concept eyewears with innovative structures and features based on ideas
    or creativity, ready  to serve clients who want to develop thier collections or build their brands for the high end market.

   From 2012 onward :
       Continue our 25 years old ODM business as a premium brands cultivator, build our own house brands
    bTd and PATEYE for the high end market.

         Since 2010 , China's business environment deteriorate , its soaring labour cost, inflation, currency appreciation, labour shortage..
      join force against old fashion Chinese factories.  We can get away with it because we started our full scale factory upgrade
      programme since 2008, as a result, comparing to the past, now we have bigger payroll, but less headcounts, more sophisticated
      computer controlled machineries, lower output quantity but higher output value . We are immune to the adverse business situation.

      1) As a premium brands cultivator: 
Use our decades long experience, engineering expertise, technology knowhow, to fully utilize
           talents and equipments resource we already have , to provide a ONE STOP SERVICE for premium brands building and revitalization

      2) To build our own house brands btd and PATEYE: To prove our "premium brands cultivator" capability , we are building up
        our own house brands bTd and PATEYE to serve as our reference. We don't compete as most factory do on production volume
        and price, we strive to
add value on products with quality, design creativity, feature uniqueness, market exclusivity and scaricity: the
        necessary attributes for branded products.         
        This business direction is hard and boring because it make no profit for the short term,it require long term endurance, patience
       and persistance to see the result and reap the success
           Our new factory will help us to persist, because we built our business phoilosophy into it. As a European style 2 storeys building
      it is simple, plain, yet spacious, open, natural, and comfortable. We want our people working inside to feel like merging into the
      surrounding with the pond and breeze, grass and trees, bird, bees and butterflies. Employee's joy and peace of mind wil help us
      fulfilling customer's demanding needs  on product design and quality and Brand image  


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